Harmful Microbes can be a threat to you, your employees and customers. Help protect your new or existing building with HealthSafe Systems

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Antimicrobial protection for all millwork and high touch surfaces in a building environment

We’ve spent years researching a solution to combat the growing problem of mold, mildew and germs on surfaces. The result was the world’s first odorless, colorless, broad-spectrum antimicrobial.

How does our Antimicrobial
Protection/Antimicrobial Solution work?


Health Safe Systems helps you create a microbe-free environment in homes… offices… hospitals… sports complexes… and all other building environments.

Who else uses our Antimicrobial
Protection/Antimicrobial Solution?

  • Maine General Medical Center - Antimicrobial Protected

    All high touch surfaces were treated to help protect against germs and harmful microbes 24/7. 8,000 cabinets, 6 miles of countertops and 85 clinical stations.

  • Bucksport High School Locker Room - Antimicrobial Protected

    Our locker room is so much better now since you applied your product. The players and coaches have not stopped talking about the improvlemt of smell. We are hoping to have our pads and wrestling mats sprayed next. - Jim Boothby, Superintendent